Installing OpenStack on RadHat Linux

update repository
yum -y update

install RDO repo paket
yum -y install

to see wheater rdo installed properly
ll /etc/

install openstack packstack
yum -y openstack-packstack

will install all component in one single server but in this case we don’t use this command
#packstack --allinone

install packstack with answer files, this mean you can custom what component you needs
packstack --gen-answer-file=/root/myanswer.txt

edit config on myanswer.txt
vi /root/myanswer.txt

:/demo #find command for vi text editor

find : demo

Change it options to n


after finished editing answer file continue with this command :
packstack --answer-file=/root/myanswer.txt

to see existing password in your machine :
cat /root/keystonerc_admin

to access dashboard


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