How To Configure Management IP On Storage HP MSA 2040

Configure IP Address For Management Port HPE MSA 2040 - HPE MSA come with two version as I know which is LFF stand for Large Form Factor and SFF stand for Small Form Factor. It's has 2 controller for redundancy and support fiber channel but you have to install module fiber in it. Here I will share to you how to initial setup HP MSA 2040. from here then you can continue configuring this stuf via web interface.

here the command you should use to configure IP management. you can put this management IP on both controller A and B :

set network-parameters ip address netmask netmask gateway gateway controller a|b

address is the IP address of the controller
netmask is the subnet mask
gateway is the IP address of the subnet router
a|b specifies the controller whose network parameters you are setting

Config example on my machine :
# set network-parameters ip netmask gateway controller a

See this output :
(click the image to zoom)

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