Life Too Fast To Be Slow : Now Is 2018

So, what I have done in 2017? huhh I think I have done nothing!
2017 it was fucking hard for me, but wait at least I make some achievement, what is it? what is it?

The first.
I graduated from my college, hmm... I have to say alhamdulillah because that is my struggle but this is bad for me!!! yeahh of course, now I feel like just wasting my time on the evening (because usually I working on daytime and go to collage after back from my work on the evening). Now I spent my time just for watching TV, movie, naruto, reading book, and drink some coffee in Cafe with someone.

I feel like lost something in my life. I don't know. I lost my friends (lost their smiles, lost their laughter, lost their fucking jokes), I lost my teacher, I lost my misery when teacher give me some task(no more task from my teacher). Now everything is gone. I have plan to continue my study on next year (I hope I can!)

I can't stay with lifestyle like this. I feel this is useless for my future career. "one a big loss is when in a day there is no knowledge that enters our brain". so, keep learning and achieve something.

The second
I resigned from my job and move to the other company hahaha. yeahh two company ask me to join at the time with the high offer. what was happened in my life? so the that two make me confused. Both company offering their benefits each other.

Let's say there is company A and company B.
Company A is oil and gas manufacture company based in Japanese with permanent position and highest salary. It since long time I waiting to join to this company because I was past many interview proccess in this company. I answered all technical question, I completed all my document as needed, and I delivered presentation my portofolio and experience in front of Japanese people which is head of the company. Total with 4 times interview. I just need to wait to joining in this company.

But someday company B is oil and gas company which is investor of BUMN (Badan Usaha Milik Negara) or State-owned enterprises (ofcourse Indonesian company) suddenly call me and ask me to come to their office. You know this company not offer me high salary, not offer me with best benefit. The interviewer just ask me standard interview question and ask me to join as soon as possible. I say wait give me one month notices (just like what I told to the company A) because at that time I still work for my old company. the company B say yes! agree with my request.

Guess what?
Guess which company do I choice? both company is allow me to join.

I choice company B the investor of BUMN (Badan Usaha Milik Negara) or State-owned enterprises with lowest salary than company A. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking. Realy I don't know why I'm here? but this place make me comfort.

Is this my final destination?
No I have bunch of planning list which is I have to done in this year as soon as possible before move to the 2019!
life to fast to be slow!